Saturday, March 13, 2010

Homemade Invites for the wedding...

So it's coming closer to crunch time...  Well, near to 6 months away!  Yikes!  And I told myself that I would have the invites made and out by the end of March.  This may be a bit of a challenge as I am still in the design phase.  The paper is chosen!  I will be using Stardream in Fairway, Gold and Bronze along with an off white from French Paper.

I have the design all laid out...  or so I think.  I intend on cutting the 8.5 x 11 fairway cover into fours.   Then cutting the gold text into smaller sections to fit over the fairway.  I've done this already with a few sheets to test.  The next step is to print the text (already made and test printed with the font of choice, Mona Lisa) and print with the gocco a bunch of 3 sunflowers to the left of the text that will have a ribbon tied around it holding the sheets together.  This will serve as the invitation with the general wedding text on the gold paper and the reception information printed under on the fairway cover.  In addition to this, I've decided to add another sheet which will consist of 1/4 a sheet of bronze cover that will have two sheets of off white set in about 1/4 inch on both sides.  The one side will be a map from wedding to reception and the other will be information about registries, etc.  I also plan on lining the gold stardream envelopes with bronze txt wt.  And to give it that extra little pop, I'm going to use a sunflower hole punch to punch a sunflower out of the bronze liner so that the yellow shines through.

It all seems pretty simple and straight forward.  I should only have a challenge with creating a map and Josh said he would do that.  Also, instead of my original idea to gocco everything, I have chosen to only gocco the flower bunch and laser print the text.  This will be less of a hassle as I have read that the stardream can be a pain to gocco on, which makes sense as it's most likely sized with glue to keep the glitz on the paper.  So everything seems in order...  seems is the key word.

The hold up I face is in my fear to sit down and draw the sunflowers.  I've been putting it off for over a month now.  Now I can kick out a beauty in most likely a few minutes but it's the fear of it being the wrong size if I change the size of the gold sheet.  But chances are I won't change the size so I ought to just do it already...  I think I'm just more afraid of getting this done as then I have to stick to a specific guest list after I've sent the invites out and that might all change again when we finally get to talking to caterers.

Is it normal for most brides to be extremely anxious at 6 months?  Especially when things aren't as planned out as they should be and you fear the cost of catering...

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