Monday, March 15, 2010

A Bosko Family Tradition

Despite tonight's mayhem of finding one of the cats (for the first time ever) puked all over our bed's quilt, which required a hand-washing then cussing at the cat and the quilt as we used too much soap, I managed to make my Baba's (Grandma in Slovak) soup.  At this very moment the house is filled to the brim with the smell of beef, onions, parsley, etc to the point that I still want a bowl at 10:30pm.  I might just sneak a small bowl as it's bedtime and I have a busy day tomorrow catching up for my sick day today.  =(  Here's just a peek at the soup...

I wish there was a way to share smells via the web as it smells divine!  And it should as the pot is filled with veggies to the point that even though the burner has been off for an hour now, it will take all night for the soup to cool so that I can put it in the fridge.  Now by cool enough to put in the fridge, I mean warm to the touch.  You have to figure that when I turn the burner off, everything inside is a boiling hot brick of food stuffs.  =)

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