Saturday, March 27, 2010

The haphazard type

Despite being in science, which would suggest awesome organizational skills, I seem to be quite haphazard.  This can work Ok when doing the same experiments over and over again...  But when planning a wedding, haphazard = evil!  It also wrecks plans that I try to make in the evenings...  For instance last night I had planned to possibly do a blog title on some rectangular watercolor paper I bought last year.  I also wanted to make some cute little watercolor images to use as buttons for my site, twitter, etc.  Then I was to work on the wedding text and get it pretty much finished.  Unfortunately my haphazard ways and the adventures of one of our 4 kitties got in the way.

I was first distracted by deliveries...  I just received a box from french paper and that just called to be opened.

Then I had to go about organizing all the wedding paper...  all the wedding paper!

Following the paper, I tore into the box of Calligraphy goods that I ordered from Emilie Friday.    I was extremely excited to find all the goodies that she had sent... esp since it was my early B-day present to myself.

I subsequently decided to sit down and set forth to organizing a bit of my wedding ideas.  A year ago, I received "the Bride's Essential Wedding Planner" from two of my classmates but have not used it yet!  I had been using various other notebooks along with ideas bouncing about within my skull but decided that it was best to blow the dust off this little gem and set it to use.

It obviously had sat a while as there was a literal furball inside!  Now while it has a lot of lists for vendors for all aspects of the wedding that I may not need right now, there are some areas where i haven't started to delve into yet.  It's got all tabs for all the different parts of the big day.  And there's even a little plastic pocket sheet in the front for collected business cards.  Luckily, I also found coupons for David's Bridal that expire at the end of the month.  I'm going to gather the maids next week to ensure that they get to use the $20 off coupon.  What a find!  Unfortunately my desire to start filling in the binder was interrupted by a kitty.

Somehow she found her way to the top of our kitchen cabinets and I had to get her down without her spazing and knocking all the wine bottles down.  Sadly none of my original art or wedding goals were met.  =(

Did your haphazard ways ever get in the way of keeping on task with goals?  Have they also led to you finding something that you really would have been peeved to find late?

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