Sunday, March 7, 2010

Crafter's Anonymous...

Today started as normal Saturday does...  with hopes to accomplish much.  See the day was to go as this.  A quick visit into lab to get something running overnight and to put my bugs in the fridge followed by a visit to the waterfront Michael's then to Mellon Park to play in the snow paths before they melt.  Finally we would head home and be artsy.  Josh was to work on his fimo and I was to work on my sunflower gocco designs for the wedding invitations.

We got halfway through our list.  Lab was checked off before 1pm as the meter was no parking after due to the game at the Peterson but the Waterfront became an extended visit.  On the way there, Josh suggested DSW to look for some Docs and we also decided to stop by the pet store for some filters to get the cats drinking from the watering bowl rather than the faucet.  But when we hit Michael's we became sidetracked.  I originally went in to look for twines along with Martha Stewart items and ended up not looking for a single twine but found a whole isle of Martha.  I also didn't find what I needed to start making more mobiles for sale on my little etsy store (See we still haven't made back any money to put into the wedding fund that we took out for scout E visit and we need to make some soon as I don't want to have to bother family members for money when it comes to the wedding).  So this led to the desire to make a trip to Joann Fabrics.  After heading to the waterworks mall where I swore there was a Joann's (and more than likely it closed many years ago), we returned home for me to drop Josh off and for myself to head out once again.  Throwing caution to the wind, I decided to hit up Joann's and Pat Catan's on the same trip.  On my adventures I found many wonders.

First a Michael's I found a set of paper flower bottles called "Got Flowers" by Prima.  The bottles allured me over and the paper flowers would be ever so cute glued to my wind catchers in place of butterflies for some.   =)


Then when at Joann's I went looking for the Martha Stewart embossing kit I saw at Michael's as I had a 40% off coupon for Joann's.  Sadly there was no Martha but I found a scallop punch for a round border and this really cool heavy duty metal ruler type thing called a tear edger by Fiskers.  It rips the edges in the design of the edge of it's edge.  I purchased one with deckled edging as I like the rough edge look but will like a relatively straight line.  Plus you can't beat something that's 40% off.

Then I hit Pat Catan's for my heart shaped twigs and faux butterflies.  I found the twigs in heart and star shapes along with two different sets of butterflies.  I also found these cute little tiny birds (that I'll photo later) and various colors (brown, purple, blue) of 20 gauge wire to tie my twigs together.

But the piece de resistance came when I found a mini decorative card catalog-esque item.  See I've been jonsing for a full size card catalog to stick misc items in for a while now and this little trinket fixes that for me.  Plus it's the perfect place for all the little twigs, butterflies, birds and wire.  So seeing as how I've visited 3 craft stores in 1 day with no real need to get anything, I think I need a Crafter's Anonymous or at the least ban myself from craft shopping for a month!

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