Sunday, March 14, 2010

Peppermint Rose

Once again I have caught some sinus bug and a sore throat.  Luckily I have a solution other than making my grandmother's beef veggie soup (even though I'm making it anyway) to cure it.  It's Peppermint Rose loose leaf tea from the Red Blossom Tea Company.

I found this herbal tea two years back when visiting the Te Cafe with my sister.  After having way too much coffee, I was looking for a low caffeine tea and happened upon it.  Amazingly the mint in the tea completely removes the pain of a sore throat for a couple hours.  Plus you can't beat seeing tiny rose buds as you scoop the tea into your infuser.  As loose leaf tea goes, I found it was cheaper to buy the tea from Red Blossom when compared to the Te Cafe.  And you may think that 4 oz isn't large but in the world of light weight tea leaves, it's a good size bag!

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