Sunday, March 21, 2010

The rings!!!

While I love the creativity boost I get from drinking Espresso, it's evil... pure Evil!  I become as I describe it, a pixi on crack.  Jumping from one idea to the next, full of inspiration and desire to do EVERYTHING!  Today is one such day where it's near to 4pm and all I've had for sustenance today was a short white mocha (espresso crack) and 5 Oreos.  I'm bouncy and have about 3 different blog entries in mind to write ranging from our wedding bands to today's (Totally Amazing) adventure at Sapling Press.  But to keep things simple and organized, I will go in order and work my way from there.   So here we go...

On Friday, I got a call from Tiffany's saying our wedding bands were back from engraving and ready for pick up.  My first thought was "Our engraved Tiffany's rings are in! Even though I'm still sick and look like poo, I so want to pick them up NOW!"  But I had to wait until Saturday for the trip up to Ross Park Mall.  Despite being overly excited to have the bands, I waited eagerly before opening the little blue boxes.  See by nature, I LOVE to take pictures and wanted to document the bands.  But I didn't want to just take the pictures anywhere, I wanted to take them in a Arsenal Park.  So I waited a few hours for Josh to be home and we walked over to the park... ventured away from all the kids enjoying the playgrounds and basketball courts.  We ended up in the tennis courts.  Sadly two of the courts lack nets and the entire area has yet to be swept off (If I decide I want to play sometime, I'll have to bring a broom).  

But to the ring shots!  I sure had fun playing with the evening light and shaddows...  then had a ball trying to sketch out some sunflowers.

The Tiff's Bag and little blue boxes... Excitement!  


Show me a lil Bag

Our Inscription... "I just ♡ you" on our Frank Gehry Torque rings


My love

Sunflower sketches

***Update...  So while writing this yesterday, lack of food and too much coffee led to me just ranting about the ring excitement without much reason.  Coffee does that to me, I get all to doing but not thinking.  =)  As most brides, the normal excitement for the Jewelry is true but it's also much more than that and the blue Tiff's box.  Wedding plans up to now have just been plans...  I had the dress and we were working on starting the invites but despite being 6 months away, they were just plans.  And plans of course, can be changed.  But getting the rings, engraved rings, means no going back.  Plain rings can be returned, engraved rings are ours forever.  So the excitement and possibly a bit of apprehension for the rings is because of their meaning that this wedding is gonna happen now for sure.  Much more apprehension has also been added as I realized that I need to get off my ass in the planning process but that's ok.  Oh and to clarify the whole sunflower doodle, I wanted to go to the park and start the designing of the sunflowers for the gocco.  There's something about a park in warm afternoon sunlight that just makes it nice to draw in.

Do all brides find a thrill of excitement but slight apprehension when the wedding rings come in?  Or is it that they get the bands so late in the process, that it's just one more planning step?

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