Monday, March 8, 2010

A flying saucer!

In an attempt to not have the bathroom faucet constantly running for the thirsty little cats, I dug out the water fountain I bought years ago for my kidney cat.  It was my way of trying to get her to drink more water, although she being a little princess wanted nothing to do with the fountain.

The fountain is a the Catit® Design Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain that looks like a space ship.  It pumps the water up through the center and it flows over the dome back into the bowl.  Cats can drink from the bowl or the dome itself.

My cats loved it before and once again they all gathered round after I got it running again.  Needless to say, the cats will now be well hydrated without a high water bill.  =)

Oh and fyi the water isn't blue...  the base of the dome is blue and it's color reflects into the dome.  I'd be an awful pet owner if I was putting food coloring in the cat's water.  =)

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