Saturday, March 13, 2010

City Lights

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The burgh just seems to glow at night...  (When we first moved into this house, I was worried with how close we were to the city.  This being that the G20 was near and as with anything that global, there is always the talk of terrorism.  So being 30 some blocks from the center of town worried me.  But  not anymore!  I adore our little neighborhood.)  I just love how in the winter when the ginkos are bare, you can see the city from our bedroom windows!  The buildings around us just seem to nestle around the city so nicely!

To top that, I'm obsessed with my camera.  It's a canon Xsi that Josh got me for Valentine's day last year when  he was still making good money in the army.  By far, it is the best gift ever and has made me more obsessed with taking pictures.  With my old canon powershot S200, I took around 8,000 pictures over 6 yrs.  In the last year, I've taken over 3,500 pictures with this DSLR.  

Now I just need to take the time to go through all these photos and put them up on flickr.  That might take a while.  =)  

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