Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Carrots in my lip gloss?

While stopping by the market district Giant Eagle I ran across the most fascinating line of products.  It's called Yes to Carrots and contains antioxidants from orange fruits and veggies along with dead sea minerals.  The products range from lip gloss to shampoos and conditioners.

I bought the berry flavored gloss as Josh made a frownie face/lip quiver when I showed him the carrot flavored one.  It tastes like ordinary lip gloss but I just love it's from carrots!  Well, along with orange fruits and veggies such as Pumpkin, Orange, Melon, etc.  What an ingenious idea!  I want to try the hair products next.  =)  Anyone ever find a rather unique product that sounds like a bit of a gamble but end up delighted with it afterwards?

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