Thursday, March 4, 2010


So in making the invitations, I decided that I ould draw up a bouquet of sunflowers (as I'm going to be carry such) and print that with a gocco on the left side.  Then to hold it all together, I was going to punch holes to the side of the stems and tie ribbon around it.  It would have acted like a large paperclip if the ribbon ran vertically but as it run horizontally, it only hinges the paper.  For this reason, I have to change one of two things.  I'd either have to have to make more punches or drop the hidden middle sheet.  More punches would include a couple more going further down the stem and acting as the ribbon would on a real bouquet.  But in doing so, I would have to go and use thinner string as my current ribbon would look overbearing.

This isn't a problem as i have plenty of black and white Divine Twine that I bought last fall.  But I'm not sure if black and white is the best color.  So now I either want to go the route of brown baker's twine or hemp twine from the local craft store.  Still I won't know completely which I like until I play with the gocco colors and the string/twine against the backdrop of the invitation papers.  The other option is to offset the top sheet.

This would involve still putting just 2 holes in the paper but purposely gluing the top to the bottom sheet.  And while this would work, it totally throws off my idea of layer sheets of information and saving of money by using less paper.  So I'm leaning more towards just using twine and more holes.  I wonder if everyone who tries to design and make their own invitations finds it ever so frustrating.

On a brighter note... I did find some fun rings (red flower and love... of course.) at Wildcard while picking up string/ribbon.

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