Thursday, March 25, 2010


While sketching up my first drafts of sunflowers for the invites, I mentioned to future hubby that I wanted to go to one of the larger grocery stores to get some fresh sunflowers (if they had any as they are out of season).  Being that some of my first drawings looked more like poinsettias rather than sunflowers, I wanted to know all the dimensions...  the shape of the petals, the ratios of petal to pollen, the diameters of the petals in comparison to the dark ring interiors.  I got a look from Josh and a joking comment of being one of those...   I didn't know what he meant... one of those?  He explained, for being an artistic person you shouldn't need to see something to draw it.  You create from within and make it your own...  "One of those" are those people who need to see something to draw it.  I cut back with the fact that I am a Scientist and I want accurate sunflower depictions on my invites.  And to do accurate, I need to have examples.  If I were doing the depictions for an anatomy book, I'd have a dead body cut open in front of me to see how all the vessels and tissues interconnected.... same goes for the flowers.  He smiled and laughed agreeing to take me to the larger grocery store to find some flowery goodness.

We picked up the flowers prior to our letterpress class on sunday but despite wanting to knock out the drawings that day, I was tired, hungry and not inspired.  So in order to not let the sunflowers go to waste, I decided to photograph all aspects of said flowers for later reference...just in case I didn't get to analyze their dimensions before they wilted.

There's just something about a bright yellow sunflower that makes me smile!

The petals and the green stalks just scream a resemblance to a fiery sun....

You can't beat the contrasting yellow and brown loveliness.

Still looking good, 4 days after coming home from the store!  =)

Anybody else go out and pick up some fresh flowers to inspire your invitation design?  Or did you scour the web for inspiration photos of your flowers?

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