Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Art Deco Wedding?

So while testing out fonts to use for our homemade invites, I came across one of my favorites called Mona Lisa.  At first I wanted a swooshy font but realized that to make it stand out on the Stardream paper (this amazing paper that is coated/fused with a shimmer), the font had to have a little "back" to it.   Most of the flowing fonts lacked such thickness and looked too heavy and compacted bold.  Despite this, I threw together my 7 favorites and printed test samples of the text onto my gold Stardream.  Then I examined for readability and beauty.  Once again I found myself drawn to the Mona Lisa font in all it's Art Deco glory.  After talking to the future hubby, it was agreed that the funkiness this font brought to the table was us.  So tonight I began to play with the design of the invite.  Originally it was to be a simple sheet of txt weight on top of cardstock.

But when I didn't cut the papers straight as I didn't make myself a measured and taped of grid on the rotary board, the cuts weren't square.  This led me to desire to intentionally throw them off an angle to make it more Art Deco.  Or to even off set the top sheet to give it more pop.

But then I'm pulled back to reality and the fact that in order to save money I'm going to layer another sheet between my Stardreams and print info on that and then on the card stock.  To do such, I can't get too crazy and off set or else I decrease my space for text and decrease my ability to tie the sheets together with ribbon as I want.  So I may in the design process, play with cuting more severe angles or a different funky rotary blade on the gold sheet to give it a pop.

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